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The Economist Explains Why Heroin Has Made A Comeback in America


HEROIN was a scourge of America’s cities in the 1960s and 70s. But then it seemed to go out of fashion. By the 1990s it was less widely used than crack cocaine. In Europe its use has continued to decline, with the number of addicts falling by about one-third in the past decade. In America, by contrast, it is resurgent. Last year nearly 700,000 Americans took the drug, twice as many as a decade ago. It is now more popular than crack, by some measures. What explains heroin’s return?


Drugs to Aid Alcoholics See Little Use, Study Finds

Naltrexone Implant treatment


Two medications could help tens of thousands of alcoholics quit drinking, yet the drugs are rarely prescribed to patients, researchers reported…

“It’s been a slow transition getting these medications onto the medical agenda,” she said. “But patients need to know that addiction is a biological condition of the brain and that we have treatments to improve it.”