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Behavioral Health

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MyLife Recovery Centers offers a broad range of behavioral health treatment in conjunction with the Naltrexone Implant. Our strength and effectiveness stems from our unique combination of the Naltrexone Implant and effective behavioral health. Whether you cannot stop drinking or are feeling enslaved to heroin or painkillers, MyLife Recovery Centers has a behavioral health program uniquely suited to help you achieve long term success in recovery.

While our Naltrexone Implant greatly reduces or eliminates the physical cravings for alcohol or opiates, patients are provided effective behavioral health services that fit their particular needs and lifestyles. Unlike most other programs, treatment at MyLife Recovery Centers does not involve being locked away for a lengthy period of time in a residential treatment center. At MyLife Recovery Centers, we offer Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient services to our patients, which allows them to enter back enter their lives as soon as they are ready. Some patients even go back to work right after receiving our minimally invasive implant procedure.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program

MyLife Recovery Centers has partnered with the Kiloby Center for Recovery, the first U.S. Intensive Outpatient Program to focus primarily on mindfulness for recovery from addiction. MyLife Recovery Centers chose the Kiloby Center because of its high success rate treating addiction and its underlying issues including anxiety, depression and trauma. Scott Kiloby, the CEO of the Kiloby Center and COO of MyLife Recovery Centers, is a noted author and international speaker on the subject of mindfulness, an evidence-based and effective new treatment for addiction and its accompanying disorders. Scott has developed a unique Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) specifically for MyLife Recovery Centers for those patients who need a comprehensive program of care and safe environment in which to experience real recovery.

Once your physical cravings have been greatly reduced or eliminated by our implant, you will discover a newfound capacity to truly deal with the real issues underlying your addiction. MyLife Recovery Centers’ IOP provides a whole menu of services from which you can choose including Scott’s mindfulness approach, 12 step recovery, traditional therapy or life coaching. You can even build your own customized program by choosing your favorite aspects from each of these services. Our IOP program is designed to keep you safe and clean before, during and after the implant procedure, allow you the freedom to come and go instead of being locked away for a long period, and take advantage of cutting edge therapy, coaching and/or counseling services designed to give you your life back. In our IOP program, you can choose to participate with us in full days or half days for any number of days each week until you are ready to enter back into life fully.

Our Outpatient Program

MyLife Recovery Centers also offers a unique Outpatient Program. Once the implant provides you with a great reduction or elimination of physical cravings, our Outpatient Program allows you the freedom to stay within your personal environment and learn to effectively cope with the stressors, triggers and habits that typically led you to drink or ingest opiates in the first place.

MyLife Recovery Centers’ Outpatient Program is known for its flexibility and freedom. No leaving friends, family and work to go away for a lengthy period of time for extended inpatient treatment. Our Outpatient Program is designed to meet you where you are in life. Our program includes one hour sessions with a coach, counselor, therapist or mindfulness facilitator. These sessions can occur (to greatest effect) at our offices face-to-face, or even via telephone or Skype; based upon the needs and convenience of the patient. Sessions usually occur on a weekly basis and typically last for roughly six months. However, duration is flexible based upon what our qualified health professional think would be optimal for each patient.

Support and Aftercare

Regardless of whether you choose our Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient Program, our goal at MyLife is to assist you in experiencing long-term recovery from addiction. Once you complete either of our programs, we will develop a customized aftercare program designed to help you get the support you need for long term success.


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