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MyLife Recovery Centers™ is the leader and pioneer in the both the mental and physical treatment of drug and alcohol addiction nationwide and we are proud to announce we have opened a clinic to better serve the New York area.

Addiction is a complex brain disease that requires more than just talking through it with a group of like-minded individuals. In order for addiction recovery to be successful, it needs to be confronted using a medically based, comprehensive approach to treat the physical cravings as well as the psychological, emotional, behavioral, and nutritional aspect of the disease.

For most of our New York patients, we use a subcutaneously placed, time-released implant of the FDA-approved medication called Naltrexone. The Naltrexone implant helps you physically eliminate your cravings for drugs and alcohol. With cravings out of the way (for 6-12 months in most cases) our New York patients are finally able to be productively receptive to the psychological and behavioral aspect of their recovery. But MyLife Recovery Centers™ in New York does not just work with you with the physical components of addiction recovery, our patients participate in private and safe intensive and personalized, outpatient, one-on-one counseling and Coaching and Support program. The recovery will occur within the framework of your own life, while you confront and learn to manage your triggers in real-life, real-time. No lengthy stays in an artificially sterile and insulated environment.



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